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MiSafetySense, Safety Management System

"It takes an entire workforce to keep an employee safe."

-Tamara Misewicz-Healey 

Founder & Creator of the MiSafetySense Program

MiSafetySense, Culture-based safety management system, MiEHS Alliance


A Culture-Based Safety Management System

MiSafetySense is a culture-based safety management aimed at long-term success. MiSafetySense is a thorough, turnkey system that leaves just the right amount of flexibility to succeed in any organization. It's delivered over a two-year partnership and allows for the organization's experts and our program experts to work together to ensure implementation, adaptation as needed, and success! 

The MiSafetySense program has three fundamental sections: developing a "safety sense" in every employee to recognize hazards and hazardous states, teaching every employee on how to optimally respond to recognized hazards and hazardous states, and implementing the systems to manage and cultivate the program to create a unified culture. We regularly measure this culture change through an employee survey based on our 12 core program elements. 

This empowers and promotes every employee to take an active role in their workplace health and safety. This company-wide growth and collaboration allows us to achieve not only a safer, healthier, and happier workplace, but also one with higher quality, compliance, profits, and company image. 

MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense, Safety Culture, Tamara Misewicz-Healey, National Safety Council, Safety Technology Pavilion

We once heard someone explain that company culture is like the wind.

That it is invisible, yet its effect can be greatly seen and felt.

That when it is blowing in your direction it can make for smooth sailing, but when it's blowing against you- everything becomes much more difficult.

That is exactly how we feel too. 

MiSafetySense Professional Program  (2-Year Partnership) 
MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense, Businessman, Collaboration, Partnership, Safety Management System
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MiSafetySense Professional is a cutting edge, culture-based safety management system designed to empower every worker to play an active role in workplace health and safety.


The first of its kind, our methodical system is broken down in our program book and adjusted and implemented together over a 2-year partnership. We assist with implementation, evaluation, adjustments, and success before stepping back for your own continued management. 


Our system is rooted in 12 core program elements, the MiSafetySense program empowers employees, strengthens management, and cultivates a work environment built on systems to keep your facility running smoothly and optimally- while reducing risk of injuries and illness. 

Let us assist in establishing a healthier and safer work culture in your organization today! 

Keynote Speaker, MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense, Employee Empowerment
MiSafetySense Speaking Opportunities (60 mins) 

The MiSafetySense keynote presentation is all about employee empowerment and closing the gap between personal health & safety and workplace health & safety. This discussion includes: hazard identification, our trademark "hazardous state" identification, how to respond to both of these, each of our roles and responsibilities within an organization, and why it takes an entire workforce to keep an employee safe. This is a talk every organization needs to hear! 

MiSafetySense education, presentation, MiEHS Alliance, class
MiSafetySense Education Sessions (90 mins) 

The MiSafetySense education session is a powerful lecture and interactive discussion around our personal health & safety, how it continues into the workplace, and why it takes an entire workforce to keep an employee safe. We discuss hazard identification, our trademark "hazardous state" identification, how to respond to both of these, each of our roles and responsibilities within an organization, and how we can start making changes today!

MiSafetySense Leadership Workshop (1 Day) 
MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense, Leadership Workshop

The MiSafetySense Leadership Workshop is a full day event consisting of three powerful sessions. 

  • An exploratory session- thoroughly exploring the current state of the organization's worker health and safety programs, systems, & culture. 

  • An education session- a powerful review on why creating a strong health and safety management system is imperative to long-term success, what that looks like, and how to start building one today. 

  • A planning session- to start building out a plan with actionable items, responsible persons, and realistic time-frames. 

The leadership workshop is powerful examination & force to thrust your worker health & safety efforts forward!

MiSafetySense Kickoff Workshop (2 Day) 
MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense Kickoff Workshop, Leadership, Education

The MiSafetySense Kickoff Workshop is a two day event that will prepare leadership and employees to begin a transformation in their worker health and safety culture. It will include: 

  • The MiSafetySense Education Sessions for all employees

  • The Leadership Workshop (see further details above)

  • MiEHS Alliance's Worker Health & Safety Culture Survey & Analysis of Results (Initially + 1-year later) 

The kickoff workshop is a powerful way to launch your your in-house initiative to improve worker health & safety!

MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense Consultation Services
MiSafetySense Consultation Services 

MiSafetySense consultation services are specific to building out organizational systems to support the development and fostering of a safety culture from the inside out. This service is offered hourly or can be placed on a retainer agreement for extended support. This service can be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. It may also be used after the full MiSafetySense program for additional ongoing support and collaboration as wanted. 

MiEHS Alliance, MiSafetySense young adult education, high school, college, university, health and safety lecture
MiSafetySense for Young Adults (60-90 mins) 

MiSafetySense for Young Adults is an introductory education to environmental health and safety. Perfect for high-school or college students. The presentation is educational and interactive; exposing young adults to topics such as: hazard types and identification, our concept of hazardous states, hazard communication (GHS labeling), and the hierarchy of hazard controls.

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