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MiEHS Alliance, LLC  is an environmental health and safety (EHS) consulting firm headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania. MiEHS Alliance is on a mission to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses around the globe. With a vision to utilize expanding knowledge, best management practices, innovative technology, and an alliance of support to get us there. We strive to grow our business at the benefit of others.

Our passion and expertise is in developing long-term solutions through systematic approaches. We believe in order to have a strong, sustainable worker health and safety culture, an organization must empower every employee to play an active role. We believe workplace health and safety needs to be seen as a continuation of our personal health and safety. We assist in strengthening leadership, educating and empowering employees, building a supportive work environment, and implementing effective systems to ensure a culture of success. 

We now offer our services nationwide and can't wait to see what we can accomplish together! 

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