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Empowering employees
Strengthening organizational culture
Reducing injuries and illnesses 
with our cutting-edge Safety Management System


MiSafetySense Culture-based safety management system

The Story Behind MiEHS Alliance, LLC

Empowering our workforce. Empowering our youth. Empowering our world. 

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As a passionate health & safety professional, Tamara constantly envisioned all the ways we could improve upon worker health and safety. While reviewing behavioral-based safety programs, in 2018, she realized they were all missing something- or missing a lot! She couldn't recommend any of them for what she was trying to accomplish, and it was at that moment she knew she needed to create something she would confidently stand behind implementing. Thus, she formed MiEHS Alliance, LLC and began the journey of creating MiSafetySense. 

The voices of all the workers she had listened to throughout her years as a workplace health & safety professional helped build MiSafetySense. The voices of every worker: from the front-line operations to the executive c-suite. As she ran through their injuries & illnesses, their concerns, their frustrations, their requests and suggestions in her head, she pieced them all together until she had something she would be proud to offer them. Proud to represent them. The voice of the worker is what fuels us and fuels the MiSafetySense program. 

MiEHS Alliance also stands behind social entrepreneurship. We strongly believes in proactive, preventive action and have made it a part of our mission to education and empower young adults in environmental health and safety topics, prior to entering the workforce. Young adults are a vulnerable population that too often have to learn things the hard way and we hope to lessen that burden for them. To achieve this, MiEHS Alliance pledges that for every company which purchases our culture-base safety management system, MiSafetySense, we will offer an EHS training to a local high school of your choice; keeping your employees, their families, and community safer. 

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A Culture-Based Safety Management System 

MiSafetySense was created to assist companies in getting to the level of safety they’ve always wanted. It instills safety as a core company value, and is designed to be woven into the fabric of an organization with the participation of every employee.


The MiSafetySense program has three fundamental sections: developing your safety sense to recognize hazards and hazardous states, how to then optimally respond to those recognized hazards and hazardous states, and the systems needed to manage and cultivate the program to create a unified culture.


This empowers and promotes every employee to take an active role in their workplace health and safety. This company-wide growth and collaboration allows us to achieve not only a safer, healthier, and happier workplace, but also one with higher quality, compliance, profits, and company image.

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New Podcast

The Mi Health & Safety podcast explores the complexities and simplicities of human health & safety and the role of our occupation and workplace environment. Through inspiring and transformative interviews with some of the world’s leading experts in health, safety, wellness, psychology, leadership, behavioral and organizational science, business, and beyond- we bring you quality content aimed to bridge the gap between personal and workplace health & safety.

Podcast host, Tamara Misewicz-Healey, is a passionate environmental health & safety professional. She is the Founder of MiEHS Alliance, LLC and creator of the culture-based safety management system- called MiSafetySense. She aims to improve human health and wellness and reduce workplace injuries and illnesses around the globe!



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